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Liberal arts memories by KCAI alumni

125 @ September 19, 2010

Mamie Kanfer Stewart (’04 ceramics and art history)

The hardest lesson I learned at the Art Institute:

Surprisingly, I learned that I didn’t want a career as an artist. After four of the most intense years of my life, I realized that my love for the arts and even my enjoyment of making art were not enough to make me an artist. True artists have a certain something that drives them – and I didn’t have it. But that’s ok.  What I learned at KCAI – self-reflection, critical thinking, team work, etc. – has been invaluable as I’ve pursued a career in non-profit.

Laura (Walker) Keller (’78 painting)

The professor or course that most affected your work (and why):

Dr. Jane Wagner, language arts professor- She had such a love of literature and she inspired me to read a lot of the best novels in her class. I really became a philosopher during her class.

Other special memories:

Classes with Hal Wert, George Burris and Jane Wagner were just wonderful and some of my best life memories. Of course I loved painting and other art classes, but the liberal arts classes were truly fabulous there. I also will never forget Arthur Kao because he changed my spiritual direction through Chinese Art History.

Meghan Kelly (’02 fiber and art history)

The course was the most challenging and why:

Liberal arts in general were challenging because though I loved to read, I hated tearing myself from working on my studio art.  Now I realize that besides the actual information learned, the class structure itself was a lesson in time management that would very much carry into the real world.

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