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Lithography memories by Robert Erickson (’88 attended)

125 @ November 8, 2010

Give us three words you would use to describe your time at the Art Institute (and why) :

WOW; Awesome; High point for life

The professor or course that most affected your work (and why):

Printing course, taught by Doug Baker (’80 photography).

The most important thing a faculty member ever said to you and under what circumstances it was said:

“Long live litho, etched and second etched in stone. VOODOO!!”

The best class or project you ever participated in:

Doug Baker (’80 photography) – Lithography

The course was the most challenging and why:

Lithography – it was taught by Doug Baker (’80 photography) is all I need to say!

One lesson that you learned at KCAI that still guides your career:

You can slide down hill in the winter on a pizza box and not die.

Tell us which classmates were your best friends and how you’ve kept in touch since college:

Rick Hanks (’89 design), Lori Erickson (’90 design), James Collum (’88 painting), Doug Baker (’80 photography)

Your college sweetheart:

Kansas City Area

Favorite hang-out on-campus:

the lithography room

The craziest thing you did while at KCAI:

Sliding down the hill using a pizza box

The funniest experience at KCAI:

The energy on campus will tickle you pink!

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