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Ox Bow Summer

cbostwick @ July 22, 2009

hello to all you readers my name is Chris Bostwick i will be going into my Senior year in printmaking at the beginning of this fall (2009).  This past spring semester I was chosen by the printmaking department at KCAI  to attend the fellowship position at a summer resadency/school called Ox Bow.  It is located in the middle of the woods in Saugatuck, MI there is limited internet access here so forgive me for not posting a fine how-do-you-do earlyer.   Any way Ox Bow in short totally rules. its a great way to spend a summer. The weather is awesome, the people are nice and odd and the art here is weird and and and… anyway its nice.There are 13 other fellows here at ox-bow and they hail from all over the country (RISDI, SAIC) Ohio, California, just to name a few schools and states.  As Fellowship students we are required to work twenty hours a week and are afforded a stipend at the end of a two week pay period.  there are many positions to be filled here at ox bow among them are as follows: Office, Grounds Crew, Kitchen, House Keeping so on and so forth.  I am now, along with three other fellowship students, working in the kitchen cleaning dishes and preparing delilisious foods for the small artists community.  i have become expert in the art of chopping vegatables.   There are classes offered the entire length of summer as well, which brings in lots of undergraduate students from schools all over, but mostly from SAIC.  the classes offered here are both one and two weeks in length and the fellows are allowed to take what ever class they want as well as audit any other course beyond that.    I’ve been able to spend a large chunk of my time in my own space in a really old house making work.  making art that is good to look at is harder than it seems, thats one thing that i’ve learned. anyway I’ve also been able to meet tons of cool youngsters who are doing cool things. so thats cool… what else?  taking naps happens a lot.   OH! Every friday night there is a raging dance party out in the meadow under a huge tent.  Eric May (head Chef) John Rossi (head of grounds crew) and Mikey (Chef) are all DJ’s. they spin their vinyl every friday night just so that we students can get down, and so forth.   I am also including a picture of me with my head in a bucket of soup.  that is me partisapating in a  weekly event called SOUP HEAD which takes place behind the kitchen (on Saturday) and is an event where the contestant is allowed to take all the leftover soups from the week and do anything with them.  free rage of possibilities.   i decided to stick my head in the bucket and so forth.  well its dinner time so i gotta go.  hope ya like the pictures and stuff.  Chris B.