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Guests of Irving 115

DM Department @ October 17, 2011

The Digital Media Depart has had the pleasure of welcoming two accomplished Kansas City based artists this month.

Andrew Wilson, Specular Interactive

Carl Stromberg, 3D Character Designer

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Digital Media Intro Demo!

DM Department @ October 8, 2011

Click to check out the September Student Reel

Visual Effects, meet the Catwalk

DM Department @ September 27, 2011

The Visual Effects Project I class traveled across campus last week to the fiber department in the spirit of collaboration. On September 15th Richard Welnowski introduced his students to fiber faculty member Alison Heryer, an acclaimed costume designer for cinema and theater. Her students shared costume themes ranging from Peacock Themed Showgirl to Traditional African Textiles and Greek Inspired Temptress.

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Visual Symposia: New Surface

DM Department @ September 23, 2011

On September 16th DM Head Richard Welnowski joined Jim Woodfill from the Painting Department for Visual Symposia with Russell Ferguson. Held in Epperson Auditorium from noon till one, the lectures pertained to the theme of ‘New Surface’.

Richard’s talk, From iPhone to Imax, focused on the physical surfaces open to contemporary artist ranging from pocketsize to 90 foot screens. Roughly 215 freshman students attended and actively responded to the 7 minute compilation of faculty work. The Symposia closed with Sarah Hinesley and John Ramirez presenting a student’s perspective on the Digital Media program.

First Month Overview

nodonnell @ September 20, 2011

Moving Image Design with Richard Welnowski

Understanding concepts of single frame creation with different media and technologies.

Students began the semester with an introduction to the static image, elements in a frame, foreground, background, and composition. An emphasis on the image in motion formed the structure of the second week. The class went on to discuss narrative-based topics including concept, storytelling, and viewer feeling.

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