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Interdisciplinarity or A Happy Accident

ernie @ September 24, 2008


Salutations from the Interdisciplinary Arts department! I cannot believe we are already in the fifth week of school. That is amazing!
It has been an intense past couple weeks with the activation of our individual endeavors. There has also been a great emphasis initiated by various members of the department to attempt to foster a more communal atmosphere through gift exchange, interaction, and out reach beyond our share of space below Epperson Auditorium. This is what I believe is so attractive about the program-the idea of networking for various reasons and the chance to expand the boundaries of not only how we perceive the KCAI campus but also our artistic practice. This is also comes with deep respect for intellectual inquiry through  what I am viewing as “ Professional Practices” which includes contracts, artist statements, and skill presentations as well as the professional presentation of work.

Speaking of skills presentations-today was the first day of a really exciting line up of presentations. Skills presentations are pretty straightforward-each new student to the department have been asked to simply present an area of expertise or research a new skill and present the knowledge acquired. Our line up consists of activities as unique as learning how to cast mud  to changing oil in a car.

 Today we learned briefly in twenty-minute intervals how to read music with Brian Hettler and to prepare a really tasty vinaigrette dressing with Lori Pie, who is featured in the lovely photograph.

Next order of business: What is an interdisciplinary approach?

 the following is an excerpt from the beloved Wikipedia:

 ”Interdisciplinarity” in referring to an approach to organizing intellectual inquiry is an evolving field, and stable, consensus definitions are not yet established for some subordinate or closely related fields.

 An interdisciplinary community or project is made up of people from multiple disciplines and professions who are engaged in creating and applying new knowledge as they work together as equal stakeholders in addressing a common challenge. The key question is what new knowledge (of an academic discipline nature), which is outside the existing disciplines, is required to address the challenge. Aspects of the challenge cannot be addressed easily with existing distributed knowledge, and new knowledge becomes a primary subgoal of addressing the common challenge. The nature of the challenge, either its scale or complexity, requires that many people have interactional expertise to improve their efficiency working across multiple disciplines as well as within the new interdisciplinary area.


Cooking with Pie

 cooking with Lori Pie

 don’t worry, she is harmless. She was chopping up herbs picked from KCAI’s beautiful community garden.




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  1. bhbarr says:

    well john sure looks frightened.

  2. nmucher says:

    These pictures are pretty priceless. Keep up the good work. :)

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