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Senior Presentations: Margaret Kinkeade

kcaiceramicsdept @ February 17, 2015

Margaret Kinkeade, Photo from http://www.margaretkinkeade.com

Its the spring semester again, and seniors are preparing to give the annual presentations over their work from their time here at KCAI. This year we have the pleasure of welcoming Margaret Kinkeade to assist the seniors with their preparation. Margaret received her BFA  in printmaking from the University of Oklahoma in Norman, OK, and recently received her MFA in ceramics from Pennsylvania State University, State College, PA. Her work contains, “impressions of time, trace, and memory explored through the use of clay and the object as vessel,” and as a maker she uses clay, “which has a memory all its own, to create objects that while referencing everyday objects are imbued with specific memories that live within each of us.” (Quote from Margaret’s Artist statement, found on http://www.margaretkinkeade.com/#!about/c66t). She has already begun her work with the seniors, who will be giving their presentations on March 11th and March 13th. Here’s good luck to these hard working students, and many thanks to Margaret for seeing them through this project!

Lauren Mabry: Passages

kcaiceramicsdept @ February 10, 2015
Lauren Mabry, photo from laurenmabry.com

Lauren Mabry, photo from laurenmabry.com

Lauren Mabry, alumni of KCAI ceramics and recipient of an MFA from the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, was in town the weekend of the 6th for her show opening at the Belger Crane Yard Gallery entitled “Passages.” Currently working and living in Philadelphia, PA, as a long term resident artist at The Clay Studio, her work is very process oriented. The cylindrical and curved forms she creates act as canvases for her abstract glaze paintings. Her glazes flow and undulate in a seductive dance across the forms, while traces of the processes provide a tension between beauty and grime. She lectured here at KCAI on the 6th, passing on her experiences with current KCAI ceramics majors. That evening her show opened with an excellent turnout, and even more excellent work. Thank you Lauren!

Lauren Mabry at work glazing a piece, photo from laurenmabry.com

Lauren Mabry at work glazing a piece, photo from laurenmabry.com

“Spilling Pipe,” Lauren Mabry, 2014, photo from www.kcai.edu

“Spilling Pipe,” Lauren Mabry, 2014, photo from http://www.kcai.edu

Casey Whittier

kcaiceramicsdept @
Casey Whittier, photo from LUXcenter.org

Casey Whittier, photo from LUXcenter.org


While Cary Esser, professor and chair of ceramics, is on her sabbatical at the Archie Bray Foundation in Helena Montana, we have the pleasure of welcoming back Casey Whittier as her sabbatical replacement! Casey graduated from KCAI in 2008 with her BFA and a concentration in ceramics, and in 2011 received her MFA in ceramics at the University of Colorado in Boulder, CO. She has exhibited work at venues such as the LUX Center for the Arts in Lincoln, NE, as well as the Vulpes Bastille and the Belger Arts Center here in Kansas City, MO. In the fall semester she had joined us as an adjunct professor, teaching a course entitled This is Place (more information on this course in this post:  ), and has performed as and adjunct at many other institutions. Her work “explores the intersections between nature and imagination, desire and destruction and the overriding issue of mortality. Through intimate sculptures and large-scale installations, her work often addresses issues of scale and space in relationship to the human body,” (quote from http://www.kcai.edu). We are lucky to have her working with students from the junior and senior classes this spring.

Casey Whittier, Reflecting Pools 2014 Porcelain daisies, mirrored plexi, monofilament, music wire, paint 8 ft x 2 ft x 3 ft; photo from www.caseywhitier.com

Casey Whittier, Reflecting Pools
Porcelain daisies, mirrored plexi, monofilament, music wire, paint
8 ft x 2 ft x 3 ft; photo from http://www.caseywhitier.com

Welcome back!

kcaiceramicsdept @ February 3, 2015

Senior class of 2014-2015, photo by Mo Dickens

The weather is still cold, but winter break is over and the ceramics department here at KCAI is back in swing! Seniors are preparing to finish strong with the 2015 BFA exhibition at H&R Block Space and 2015 Spring Exhibition for the department. George Timock is back from sabbatical and Cary Esser is now enjoying her’s, working up at the Archie Bray Foundation in Helena, Montana. George Timock is serving as the department chair in her absence. Be sure to keep up with us as we finish out another productive year here at KCAI!

The Mutt Mood Elevator

calderkamin @ January 23, 2015

muttmood copy

The Mutt Mood Elevator

calderkamin @

muttmood copy

Designer needed for spring project at UMKC

Laura Berman @ January 13, 2015

 Contact information: 
 Caleb Owen
 Bloch Executive Education @ UMKC
 5108 Cherry Street 
 BEH 417 
 Kansas City, MO 64110

 Email: owencj@umkc.edu
 Website: umkc.edu/executive

Project Description:
We're working with a group of executives from a local corporation and they will be putting together a document that will look a lot like a magazine. We will convert their submissions to a digital magazine format, but we'd like to provide each team some time with a graphic designer to help with visual design, charts, layout, and display suggestions.
There are 4 teams to work with. Time commitment would be 2 hours meeting with the team, followed by 1 hour of offsite design work, totaling 3 hours for each team.
Compensation for the 12 hour project is $800-$1200 dependent on experience and skills.

To Apply:
If interested, please contact Caleb Owen at 816-235-2892 or owencj@umkc.edu
Please send examples of previous projects to owencj@umkc.edu.
Desired dimensions: 8.5 x 11 magazine format
On-line application website or link: Contact owencj@umkc.edu

OSCAR-ENA!!!! 2015

Michael Wickerson @ January 9, 2015

Row, row, row your boat...

November and December, Intern Opportunities @ Wickerson Studios, LLC.

Michael Wickerson @ December 21, 2014

Dane Zahorsky – Lantern Journal

Michael Wickerson @

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