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Before Classes Begin (a.k.a. Orientation)

sarah @ August 23, 2009

dscn0517.JPGOkay, so my first three days here at KCAI have rocked! There’s this thing called orientation which takes place the first three days of the new semester, and it’s only for Foundation students. For three days we go to lectures, presentations, games, fun-filled events, and host movie nights which sometimes become Apples-to-Apples game nights (fun!). We have been educated on a wide array of topics, from how to use the KC metro system to how to open your mind and accept diversity ( an incredibly invigorrating speech that was as entertaining as it was eye opening! ).
I don’t know why I was so nervous about having roommates, by the way. They are awesome, so for anyone reading who might consider going to KCAI next school year, don’t be nervous! I see so many people getting along that the good roommate pairings most likely outweigh the bad ones. There are also awesometastic decorations on each floor of the Living Center, and the theme of our hall just so happens to be the awesometastic book “Where the Wild Things Are”!
There’s also a day of community service, which is not as bad as it sounds, because it’s not the average community service. Some students worked on rain gardens, and some worked for Harvesters.
There’s an awesome organic food store and herb shop nearby (within walking distance) and the scenery is beautiful for walking through!.Lots of excersise, definately, at KCAI!
Tomorrow classes actually start, and I’m so excited! Can’t wait to seee what we’re going to be doing for four hours in Foundation!!

P.S. If anyone knows how to actually put pictures up and not have them take up the ENTIRE page, please tell me!!? they’re HUGE!

First Post Shall Be an Introduction

sarah @ July 14, 2009

Hello! My name is Sarah Blevins, and this year I will be attending KCAI as a Foundation Student. I am so excited to attend, and I am looking for any way I can start to become involved. I thought the blogs were a really neat idea and that there wasn’t one (that I saw ((sorry if there is and I’m not giving it proper credit!)) covering just Foundation year.

Alright, I’m going to start now. It is July fourteenth, you have my name, so I guess we’re not strangers anymore :)

I would like to begin by saying how awesome it is that at KCAI first year students aren’t referred to as ‘freshmen’ but as Foundation students; even though we’re not experienced students, we are artists and from the very beginning and we are treated as such :D . Also, even though it was insanely difficult, I had a cooridnator and the rest of the ever so patient KCAI staff to help me with the admissions process, unlike any of the colleges good friends of mine applied to. My friends were left to do almost everything by themselves, because there were so many students applying besides them (Thousands! And I’m going on the words of my friends and the info they gave me). It is equally as awesome that KCAI cares enough to stick with each student through the admissions process until admission…. even giving advice on what to do should student loans not come through as planned (thanks Jonah Criswell! :) ) and Foundation year might have to be spent at a community college taking recommended calsses. They really care, and if there is a student reading this who might be planning on applying next year (2010-2011), I encourage you to do so, because it has already proven to be an amazing school, and I havent even started classes yet!

There is so much I want to say right now! I wish I had already experienced a year at KCAI so I could post something here that would be beneficial RIGHT NOW before classes begin (to students applying for next year, I mean). I am hopeful that aspiring students next year will see everything I plan to post covering the Foundation year, so that maybe the post will help make up their minds on weather or not to attend KCAI.

Keep an eye on this post once school starts to see pics, details, etc. of everything going down with Foundation year–from move in day to last day of classes!

Thanks, visit again when school starts for some cool stuff!