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three stops, first friday

tshell @ March 7, 2009

yesterday at the First Friday gallery walk. . .

on 18th and Wyandotte, I happened upon a printmaking show. Amazing prints were being sold for ridiculously, low prices. Abby Gallagher (of the design department and a member of print club) could be heard over any chatting in the gallery, persuading the hoards to buy a print. Prints were everywhere, some were even sold fresh off the press; Abby seemed to enjoy attempting to sell the wet ones.

Ben Jones, a recent KCAI graduate (and former roommate of my roommate), was demonstrating the process with one of his designs.

the result:

I decided to visit another show at the Midwestern Musical Company, on 19th and Locust.

At this show, a local musician (and friend of mine), Kasey Rausch was playing. Can anyone really resist a folk/country/bluegrass band with a girl from Texas, who tells amazing stories through song and naturally uses the terms like “gal” and “y’all”?

My (Papersource) friends, Allison and Poss met me at this show. The place was packed with people; we were in need of a little fresh air.

Next I ventured to the Mojo Gallery on 19th and Baltimore. My friend, (and sculpture alumna ‘03) Becky Buznedo was showing paintings.

Her process included creating wire and paper maché masks, photographing them on a model, painting on square pieces of tin siding and coating the final composition with a glossy resin.


For me, the First Friday gallery walk consists of running in to everyone I love. . . all in one evening.

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