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you’d never guess I grew up baptist

tshell @ March 12, 2009

Last semester I added mannequins to three of my photographs for a munsell color theory study:

I was attempting to add humor and a little narrative to the photos. The surprise (to me) was the level of sensuality that occurred.

And so, the mannequins have returned for the seven deadly sins project. The following are spreads from the book: (in order) lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, pride.

The colophon reads as follows:
All photographs were created in the artist’s living room in Kansas City, Missouri with: her favorite couch, Julie’s mannequin, random borrowed heads and limbs from ATC and color pieces of mat board duct-taped to the wall. Her dog did, in fact, attempt to eat a cupcake. He did not succeed. Additionally, all photographs of Tammy Shell were taken by Tammy Shell.

No actual sinning took place during the production of this book, although, I now have a date next Tuesday.

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