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Alvin Lustig, A Modern Perspective

tshell @ March 24, 2009

Alvin Lustig lived from 1915 to 1955. During his highschool years, a teacher introduced him to the concept of Modern art. Lustig was amazed and began to experiment with design, rather than yield to tradition. Some of his artistic endeavors included books, magazines, record albums, ads, commercial catalogs, annual reports, architecture, interiors, industrial designs, and textiles. Lustig believed good design should be applied to all aspects of life. Since he actually read the books he designed for, I feel Alvin Lustig was a passionate designer. I easily connect with his view.

If Lustig were to deliver a lecture on our campus, I believe he might appreciate these designs. I chose to focus on his architecture and textile background. He experimented with photomontage and also demonstrated a knowledge of color theory through his display of amazing color schemes.

These are a few of my potential poster designs:
(When I happened upon a few lovely textiles in Vanderslice Hall, a bell when off in my mind, Lustig designed textiles, I looked around to make sure no one else heard.)

original exercises of grid structures within type: the enlarged exercise was my favorite. I employed it in the above designs.

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